Common misconceptions in physics (book)

The professional physics literature contain misleading or easily misinterpreted claims. Some claims are unique to a single author or a small group, but other misleading claims are repeated by thousands of scientists, engineers, philosophers, and journalists.

This book shows that some widely accepted claims found in textbooks, encyclopedias, preprints, and articles do not support a detailed and rigorous analysis, and that such misconceptions and myths are preventing a fundamental understanding of Nature.

The chapters in this book are organized roughly on a historical timeline, from classical electrodynamics to quantum field theory and the standard model. In a sense, this is also an organization from the most elementary myths and misconceptions to the most advanced. This book is intended to be pedagogical and readable by a wide non-expert audience. However, all the myths and misconceptions are technical in nature and I could not completely omit equations and details that are essential to understanding why those widely accepted claims in physics are not true. Readers interested in more technical details will find some appendices with further information.

Book in preparation.