I am Juan Ramón González Álvarez. This is an European name, where Juan Ramón is my first name and González Álvarez my surname. I am from Vigo, a southern European city just in front of the well-known Cíes islands. I am a scientist, and a computer designer and builder.

As a scientist I am working on a unified formulation of living and non-living matter. I dislike the current disunited approach in science where equations, formalisms, notations, and even whole paradigms are developed independently by different communities (quantum chemists, evolutionary biologists, general relativists,...) to the point of confrontation. You are probably heard of the incompatibility of quantum mechanics and general relativity, but this is only am example of the internal inconsistency of current science.

The search for a unified formulation requires addressing a formidable set of difficulties. It is not only necessary to identify the general properties of the different material systems from elementary particles to the cosmos as a whole, and then to develop an abstract formalism that can deal with all of them, but it is also required to solve fundamental problems on current formalisms and theories used by the specialized communities. Reusing the example above, we not only have to find a formulation that generalizes quantum mechanics or general relativity, but we also have to solve the problem of measurement of quantum mechanics or the problem of energy in general relativity.