As a scientist, I work on a unified formulation of living and non-living matter. Nature is unique, which is why I do not like the current disunited approach to science, where equations, formalisms, notations and even entire paradigms are developed independently by different communities (quantum chemists, evolutionary biologists, general relativists,...) to the point of confrontation. You have probably heard of the incompatibility of quantum mechanics and general relativity, but this is just one of many cases of internal inconsistency in science today.

(Top) Two-slit diffraction pattern observed at the detection screen. The orange dot denotes the impact of the last emitted electron. (Bottom) Quantum trajectories illustrating the probability flow from the slits to the detection screen. The orange line is the trajectory of the last emitted electron.

My research includes the search for a microscopic definition of heat, an alternative to the dark matter paradigm, the many-body correction to the Dirac equation, dynamical temperature, obtaining renormalized fields from AAAD, and developing the fourth way to antiparticles, and many more. All my research is avaliable on pdf file format. General instructions are described in the how to buy page: how to buy.

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